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Bump Dots - Medium, Black, Round
"Tactually Identify Household, Office, School Items"
Bump Dots - Medium, Black, Round

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Product Description

   Marks a variety of everyday items
   20 Bump Dots per package
   Measures: Width: .44 x Height: .20

These dots are a great way to tactually mark appliances, computers, typewriters, etc. Smooth, raised tactile dots have adhesive back for easy application. Will not damage product surface. 20 Bump Dots per pkg. Width: .44 x Height: .20
Product dimensions (imperial): 0.2 inch H x 0.44 inch L
Product dimensions (metric): 5.08 mm H x 11.18 mm L

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Electric Iron Guide
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Jumbo Print Calendar- 2014
Key Holder-Coin Purse
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Ladies Tel-Time Chrome Talking Watch with White Dial-Expansion Band
Loc-Dots - Keyboard Key Location Dots- Orange
Magnifying Nail Clipper
MaxiTouch Dots - Neon Green- Package of 64
Mens Royal Tel-Time Bi-Color Talking Watch-White Dial - Expansion Band
Non-Slip Grip Mat- One Foot by Five Feet Roll
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Button Hooks -Large, Deluxe
Can Opener for Ring Pull Cans
Check Writing Guide Superior Black Plastic
Childrens Braille Interactive Alphabet Book
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CHROMALUX Natural Light Bulb - 50-100-150 Watt
Clear Plate Guard - Large
Clear Plate Guard - Small
COIL Raylite Illuminated Stand Magnifier - 7.1X, 24.2D 32mm Lens
Coil Raylite Magnifier 10.1x, 36.4D 34mm Lens
Color Talking Watch -Fish
Color Talking Watch -Kaleidoscope
Deluxe Sewing Machine Magnifier
Dominoes with Raised Dots -Double Six
Dycem Reel - 16 x 78 inches
Easy-Pour Locking Lid Pot
Envelope Writing Guide
Envelope Writing Guide -Business
Envelope Writing Guide Superior Black Business
EZ Giant Print Address Book
EZ Magnibar with yellow tracker line - Combo - 6 inch and 9 inch
EZ-IN Needle Threader for Sewing Machine
Flipper Two-Device Universal Low Vision Remote
Floss Threaders- 25 Count in Plastic Storage Case
Folding Pot Stabilizer
Giant Print Address Book
Handy Helper Cutting Board - White
Hoyles Super Jumbo Bridge Deck - Twin Pack
Inner-Lip Plate
Inner-Lip Plate w-Non-Skid Bottom
Jumbo 8-Digit Talking Calculator with Square Root
Jumbo Braille Playing Cards
Jumbo Dominoes - Shapes
Jumbo Index Low Vision Playing Cards, .50 inch
Kustom Magnifier-wallet size
Ladies Classic Tel-Time Chrome Talking Watch - Chrome
Ladies Royal Tel-Time Talking Watch - White Dial - Black Leather Band
Ladies Royal Tel-Time Talking Watch- White Dial- Expansion Band
Letter Writing Guide - -Aluminum The Best
Letter Writing Guide - Superior Black Plastic
Low Vision Bold Line Writing Paper
Low Vision Index Card System
Low Vision Notebook - Thick Lines
Low Vision Thick Line Writing Paper
Magnetic Sheets for Labeling
Magni-Guide Magnifier and Needle Guide
Make-Up Mirror 3X
Maxi-Marks Kit
Maxi-Sound Talking Clock Radio
MaxiTouch Dots - Black- Package of 64
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MaxiTouch Dots- Package of 640 - Assorted Colors
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Mens Classic Tel-Time Chrome Talking Watch with White Dial-Chrome Bracelet Band
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Naturalight Hobby Table Lamp
Object Locator
Olympus DP-201 Voice Note Recorder
Page Fold-Over Letter Writing Guide with Wide Spaces
Pan Holder
Plastic Sack Opener
Pocket Talking Timer and Clock - English
Rechargeable Flashlight and Automatic Night Light
REIZEN Aspheric Stand Magnifier 8x 28D 35mm
Reizen Atomic Talking Clock with Indoor-Outdoor Thermometer
Reizen Big LCD Talking Clock
Reizen Chrome Low Vision 100 Watt Floor Lamp
Reizen Handy Lens - Slim Line Magnifier, 2-3x Magnification
REIZEN LED Illuminated Stand Magnifier - Rectangular - 3x
Reizen Low Vision Pen - Package of 10
Reizen Low Vision Talking Calculator
Reizen Maxi-Brite LED Handheld Magnifier - 4X
Reizen Talking Atomic Watch - White Face-Black Numbers-Expansion Band
Rocking T Knife
Round III Talking Wrist Watch
Royal All Plastic Braille Playing Cards
Safe Shot - Red
Safe Slice Knife Guard
Say What - Clothing Identifiers
Serrated Rocker Knife
Sew and Knit Gauge
Sherlock Talking Label Identifier for the Blind
Signature Guide - Red Plastic
Slicing Guide- Slicing Aid Holder
Sort-a-Sock Heavy Duty
Sporty Looking Dual Talking Time
Steady Guide Finger Rests- Package of 30
Striped Warning Tape - Yellow and Black Stripe
Super Jumbo Playing Cards - Single Deck - Blue
Super Low Vision Quartz Wall Clock
Tab Grabber
Tabletop Craft Lamp by Daylight
Tactile Ergonomic Long Ring Low Vision Timer-White
Tactile Long Ring Low Vision Timer - Black Dial
Tactile Long Ring Low Vision Timer With Stand - Black Dial
Tactile Low Vision Timer-Black Dial, White Numbers
Talking 4-Alarm Clock with EL-Backlight
Talking Clinical Thermometer
Talking Digital Thermometer with LCD Display
Talking Liquid Jug
Talking Radio-Controlled Stainless Steel Watch - Leather
Talking Time and Temp Desktop Clock
Teflon Skived Tape
Tel-Temp Talking Indoor-Outdoor Thermometer
Tel-Time Ladies Chrome Talking Watch - White Face, Leather Band
Tel-Time Talking Auto-Synchronizing Watch- Gold-Tone
Tel-Time Unisex One-Button Talking Watch- Gold
Tel-Timer - Talking Countdown Timer
Telephone Stickers - Black on White - Alphanumeric
Test Strips for Prodigy Blood Glucose Monitors - 50 Strips
The Big Print Check Register
The Easy Reader Bookstand
The Talking Color Detector - English
Three Packs Low Vision Thick Line Writing Paper
Three-Section Melamine Plate- 9-Inch Diameter
Tic-Tac-Toe - All Wood Tactile Version
Tinted Plastic Reading Sheets, Set of 5
Touch To See Identifiers Braille, Tactile
TV Screen Enlarger for 26-29 inch TV
Typoscope with Signature Guide
VoiLa Voice Label System for the Blind - English
Wikki Stix -Set of 600, Classroom Use
Wire Loop Needle Threader -Pkg. of 10
10-Digit Talking Calculator-Earphone-Talking Alarm
2-Arm Combination Table Lamp and 2x Magnifier
2-Cup Measuring Cup for the Blind
2.8X Sport Glasses
3 Set Jar Openers
3-Ply Reusable Underpad
4 in a Row Game- Tactile
4x Pendant Magnifier in Gold-Tone Finish
4x Pendant Magnifier in Silver-Tone Finish
5 1-4 inches Round 3x Magnifying Suction Mirror
5x Pendant Magnifier with Necklace
7 Day Pill Organizer with Braille markings
7-Day Travel Pill Chest
AC Adapter
Adapters for Talking Labels
Adjust - A Measure 3pc. set
Adjustable Cane for the Blind -Graphite
Adjustable Cane With Safety Ice Tip
Adjustable Folding Cane - Round Handle
Adjustable Length Telescoping Cane for the Blind
Adjustable Seam Guide-Magnetic
Adult Lock Daily Pill Reminder
AlertMaster Notification System AM-100 Combo Set
Aluminum Braille Clothing Identifiers
Ambutech 4-Section Folding Graphite Cane- Marshmallow- 40in
Ambutech Adjustable Support Cane- T-Handle 29-37in
Ameriphone CL-40 Amplified Cordless Phone
Amplicom PowerTel 58 Amplified Telephone System
Aspheric Hand Reader Magnifier - 5x -16-Diopter
Aspheric Magnifier 10x - 36D 35mm
Aspheric Magnifier 8x 28D 35mm
Audible and Tactile Marking System
Automatic Bottle Opener
Automatic Card Shuffler
Automatic Jar Opener
Bamboo Grabbing and Toasting Tongs
Bar Magnifier - 6 inches x 1 inch Lens Size
Basic Talking Caller ID
Basketball with Double Inside and Directional Beeper
Bausch and Lomb Compact Lighted Magnifier
Bausch and Lomb Folding Pocket Magnifier
Bausch and Lomb Rectangular Magnifier
Beeping Foam Ball
Beeping Foam Basketball
Beeping Foam Soccer Ball
Beyond TV Dinners - Large Print
Bicycle Low Vision Pinochle Jumbo Playing Cards
Big Button DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone- Braille Keypad
Big Button Phone with 40db Handset Volume
Big Eyes Magic Focus Magnifying Makeup Mirror - 5x
Big Number Pocket Talking Calculator with Clock
Bingo Easy-Read Fingertip Shutter Slide Card- 1 pc.
Black and Decker Gizmo Plus Cordless Can Opener
Blue Auto Seat Wedge
Braille - Rook Cards
Braille and Low Vision Monopoly
Braille and Tactile Measuring Spoons- Black
Braille and Tactile Measuring Spoons- White
Braille Feel n Peel Alphabet Stickers- 1 Sheet
Braille Jumbo Index Playing Cards
Braille Keytop Labels
Braille Only Alphabet Stickers- 676 Stickers
Braille Plastic Bingo Board - 1 Single Board
Braille Plastic Bingo Boards -set of 10
Braille Slate- 6 Lines x 19 Cells with Stylus
Braille Slate- BASIC E-Z
Braille Slate- Full Page
Braille Slate- Note Taker Plus Signature Guide
Braille Slide Puzzle
Braille Steel Tape Measure - 25 Feet
Braille UNO Cards - Modified by MaxiAids
Brailled Skip-Bo Card Game
Bulldog Hook Type Rolling Cane Tip- White - Large
Bulldog Rolling Cane Tip - 1-2 inches White
Bulldog Rolling Cane Tip - 5-8 inch White
Bump Dots- Pyramidal- Clear- Med- 200pk
Bump Dots- Small- Orange Fluores- Round-Flat Top- 40pk
Bump Dots- Square- White- Small- 242pk
Bump Dots-Square-White-Med-200pk
Bus and Taxi Sign
Business Check Writing Guide
Button Aids with Velcro -R Brand Fasteners
Button Hook -Large, Acrylic Grip
Califone CardMaster Magnetic Card Recorder-Reader
Cane or Crutch Holder
Cane Wrist Strap
Casino Special Braille Playing Cards
Chop-Chop Micro-Mini Food Processor
Chrome Standing Mirror - 10x
Clear Vinyl Label Tape- .50-in x144-in Single Roll
ClearSounds A100 Amplified Cordless Phone- 25dB
Clip-On Strainer Spout
Clothes Folder- Folds Clothes with a Simple Flip - CLOSEOUT ITEM
Cocoons Low Vision OveRx Eyewear Pilot Black-Lemon
Cocoons Low Vision OveRx Eyewear Slim Line-Black-Boysenberry
Cocoons Low Vision OveRx Eyewear Wideline ML Black-Hazelnut
Cocoons Sidekick XL Flip-Up Sunglasses- Lemon
Coil 5x Sliding Pocket Magnifier
COIL Auto Touch Illuminated Magnifier - 9x
COIL Fixed Stand Magnifier - 10X
COIL Raylite Illuminated Stand Magnifier 4.7X, 14.8D 44mm Lens
Coil Raylite Magnifier - Handle Only
Coil Raylite Magnifier 2.8X, 7.3D, 100x75mm Lens
COIL Raylite-2 Xenon -Power Handle Only
COIL WINDSOR - 2.6x 70mm
Coil Windsor - 4.2x 48mm
Color Identifier-Light Detector
Color Talking Watch -Blue
Combo Braille-Large Print Letters -White on Black
Comfort Headphones
Compact Edition Giant Print Address Book for Low Vision
Compact Magnifying Mirror
Connect Four - Tactile for the Blind
Cooking Bottle Pouring Spouts
Cooking Measuring Cups- Set of 5
Cooking Measuring Spoons- Set of 5
Cool Hand - Carrier for Warm Plates
Cut N Slice Flexible Cutting Mats - 3-Piece Set
Cut-Resistant Safety Glove - Size Medium
Daylight Twist Portable Lamp
Deluxe Bingo Cage - 8-inch
Deluxe Handheld Chrome Shower Massage with 3 Sprays
Deluxe Scrabble Game - Braille Version
Deluxe Splatter Screen - 13 inches
Desk-Top Talking Calculator with Single Earbud
Diaper Bag Dictionary- First Signs Teaching Cards
Digit Interactive Talking Alarm Clock- White
Digital Alarm Clock with 1.8-inch Jumbo LED
Digital Talking Compass - English-Spanish speaking
Dinnerware in High-Contrast Red Color- 6-Piece Set
Double Lens Folding Magnifier 8x
Double Spatula- Nylon with Aluminum Handle
Dressing Stick
Dual-Sided LED Ultra Beauty Mirror- 10x-1x
Dycem Non-Slip Multi-Purpose Pads - 5 1-2 inches Diameter
E-Z Funnel
E-Z Play Low Vision-Braille Playing Cards
Easy Hold Toenail Clipper
Easy Laces - Black
Easy Laces - White
Easy Measure
Easy Out Tube Squeezer
Easy Read Finger - Tip Bingo Card -Blue
Egg Rings - Set of 3
Egg Separator
Elastic Strap Accessory for Talking Food Cans
Electronic Talking Coin Abacus
Elite Low Vision Playing Cards - Two Decks
Emergency Power Failure Light
Energizer 9-Volt Battery
Eraser for Brailler
Europa Mushroom Rolling Cane Tip - 5-8 inch Red
Europa Slim Aluminum Folding Cane - 34 inches
EvoPen - Black ink
Exercise Pedaler
Extra Big Digit Low Vision Timer
Extra Bold ZoomCaps- White Characters on Black Background
Extra Tips
EZ - Key Turner
EZ Check Writing Guide without Memo Space
EZ Large Print Measuring Cup and Spoon 11-pc Set
EZ Pro Sock Holders- Assorted Colors
EZ See Insulin Syringe Magnifier
EZ to Read Bingo Cards -Set of 25
EZ-Squeeze Toothpaste Dispenser
Finger Guard
FitOver Sunglasses - Copper
FitOver Sunglasses - Smoke
Flame Retardant Oven Mitt, 17 inches - Charcoal color
Flame Retardant Oven Mitt, 17 inches - Green
Flexible Low Vision Desk Lamp- Black
Flexible Sock and Stocking Aid
Floxite Lamp Set Mirror
Folding Bookstand for Hands-Free Reading
Foldout Lighted Stand Magnifier
Food and Onion Chopper
Football with Double Bells Inside
Four A Day Medication Planner Storage Case
Franklin Bill Reader- Talking Money Identifier
Free Matter for the Blind - X Stamper
Funnel Set -3 pieces on Ring
GE Big Button Speakerphone w- Call Waiting Caller ID
Geometric Set in Braille - Perfect for Students
Giant Folding Magnifier
Giant Print - Refills
Giant Print Bingo Card - Black on White Background
Giant Print Bingo Card - Black on Yellow Background - REDUCED PRICE
Giant Print Calendar- 2013
Giant-View Clock 10 x 10 inches - Black Dial
Good Grips 2-Cup Angled Measuring Cup
Good Grips Tactile Measuring Cup Set - Black
Good Grips Tactile Measuring Cup Set- White
Graphite 5-Section Folding Cane- Marshmallow Roller- 58-in
Greeting Card Writing Guide
Grey-Green Sunglasses with Side Shields
Grip EZ Jar Opener
Hamilton Beach Stay or Go 6-Quart Slow Cooker
Hand-Held Glass Magnifier - 15X - 22.8mm
Hand-to-Hand Mug
Handi-Cassette II
HearMore Gold Hearing Aid Batteries- Size 10- 8-pk
HearMore Hearing Aid Batteries- Size 13 -Ctn-40
Heavy Duty Quad Cane, Small Base Chrome
Hot Mill Knit Gloves -400 F
Hot-Shot Beverage Maker- Black
iBill Talking Money Identifier
iBill Talking Money Identifier- 2nd Generation
Illuminated Magnifier - 5x
Inline Telephone Amplifier X35 - Multiplies Sound Up To 35X
Jumbo Lap Desk
Jumbo Number Display Digital Alarm Clock
Jumbo Print Calendar - 2009
Jumbo Print Calendar - 2010
Jumbo Print Calendar- 2013
Jumbo Stylus for Braille Slates
Key Turner
Keyboard with Large Print - High Contrast Seals
Knife-Fork Combination
Labels Combo for Voila -Set No. 2 through Set No. 5
Ladies 4-Alarm Talking Watch - Black - Silver
Ladies One Button Talking Watch - Expansion Band
Ladies Royal Tel-Time Talking Watch - White Dial - Expansion Band
Ladies Tel-Time Gold-Tone-Colored Talking Watch with Gold-Toneen Expansion Band
Large Print Book -Search and Find Puzzle
Large Print Check Deposit Register
Large Print Check Register
Large Print Overlays Only -Black on Ivory
Large Print Overlays Only -Black on Yellow
Large Print Random House Websters Dictionary
Large Print Register for Diabetes
Large Print Rotary Telephone Dial Overlay
Large Print Telephone Button Overlay
Large Print Weekly-Monthly Notebook Planner- 2014
Large Print Word Search Puzzles
Large Seven Day Pill Organizer with Magnets
Leather Money Organizer-Wallet- Red
Long Handle Sponge
Long Handle Toe Nail Scissors
Low Compression Seamless Toe CareSox- White - XL
Low Vision Addition Flash Cards
Low Vision Anti-Slip Tape- Yellow and Black
Low Vision Bingo Cards - 1 Card
Low Vision Bingo Cards -10 cards
Low Vision Calendar - 11 inch x 17 inch for 2008
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Low Vision Checkerboard Tape- Yellow and Black - 2-In. Wide
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Low Vision Desk Top Solar Calculator
Low Vision Digital Alarm Clock with Jumbo 1.2-inch LED Display
Low Vision Division Flash Cards
Low Vision Floor Lamp
Low Vision Large Dial AM-FM Table Radio
Low Vision Large Dice - White with black dots
Low Vision Loose Paper Shrink Wrapped - without binder holes
Low Vision Marker with Chisel Tip- Black
Low Vision Multiplication 0-12 Flash Cards
Low Vision Notebook - Bold Lines - Yellow Paper
Low Vision Paper Pad with Binder Holes- 100 Sheets- Bold Black Lines
Low Vision Paper with Binder Holes - 100 Loose Sheets
Low Vision Subtraction Flash Cards
Low Vision Watch- Womens with Expansion Band
Magna - Typoscope
Magna-Lite Illuminated Hand Magnifier 10x
Magna-Lite Illuminated Hand Magnifier 5x
Magnavox Universal Remote Control
Magnetic Balls
MagniCraft Magnetic Bar Magnifier- 1.5x
MagniFree Hands-Free Hanging Illuminated Magnifier
MagniLamp Lighted Detachable Flex-Stand Magnifier
Magnum 44 Permanent Marker
MagRX Medicine Bottle Magnifier
MARKS Script Guide-MaxiAids Exclusive
Match Makers - Clothing Identifiers
MAXI Handheld Talking Calculator with Alarm - Spanish
Maxi-Aids Braille Desk Calendar
MaxiSee TV Glasses by Reizen
MaxiTouch Dots - Pink- Package of 64
MaxiTouch Dots - White- Package of 64
MaxiTouch Dots - Yellow- Package of 64
Measuring Cup Set
Measuring Cups with Large Print- Set of 4- White-Blue
Measuring Spoon Set
Meat Cutter Knife
Medium Wooden Bookchair - Black
Memo - Recording and Talking Watch
Mens Gold-Tone Spanish Talking Watch - One Button Expansion Band
Mens Low Vision Watch- Black Dial, Expansion Band
Mens Royal Tel-Time One Button Talking Watch with Leather Band
Mens Royal Tel-Time Talking Watch - White Dial - Black Leather Band
Mens Talking 4-Alarm Medical Watch
Mens Talking Medical 4 - alarm watch
Mens Talking Watch with Rhinestone Bezel and Expansion Band - English
Mens Tel-Time Bi-Color Talking Watch with Bi-Color Bracelet Band
Mens Tel-Time Chrome Quartz Talking Watch with Expansion Band
Mens Tel-Time Gold-Tone-Colored Talking Quartz Watch
Mens Tel-Time Gold-Tone-Colored Talking Watch with Black Dial-Expansion Band
Mens Tel-Time Gold-Tone-Colored Talking Watch with White Dial-Expansion Band
Mens Tel-Time Talking Watch- Golden-Chrome Expan.
Metallic Talking Watch - Oval Face-Unisex
Metallic Talking Watch - Round Face-unisex
Mobile Speak Cell Phone Screen Reader Software for the Blind
Molded Foam Wheelchair Seat Cushion -16x16
Monocular 4 x 12
MP3 Player Independent Listening System- 85dB Gain - Single User
Multi-Purpose 4 Way Opener
Multi-Purpose Cutting Board- White
Multi-Purpose Low Vision Cutting Board- Red
Needle Guide and Magnifier- 1.7x
Night Vision Quartz Alarm Clock
NiteWriter - Lighted Pen
No-Wire Walker Basket
Noir Large Fitover 32 Percent Medium Grey
Noir Large Fitover 58 Percent Light Grey
Noir Medium Fitover 18 Percent Amber
Noir Medium Fitover 28 Percent Medium Grey
Noir Medium Fitover 57 Percent Light Plum
Noir Medium Fitover 63 Percent Light Grey
Noir Medium Fitover 64 Percent Light Amber
Noir Medium Fitover With Uv & Infrared 10 Percent Med Amber
Non-Skid Cushioned Bath and Shower Mat 16x40 inches with drain holes
Non-slip Pad with Adhesive Bottom - Black
Non-slip Pad with Adhesive Bottom - Orange
Non-slip Pad with Adhesive Bottom - Red
Non-slip Pad with Adhesive Bottom - White
Non-slip Pad with Adhesive Bottom - Yellow
OKolux Mobile Pocket Version 8x - 28D - 35mm
Olympus Digital Recorder with Voice Guidance for the Blind- 4GB
Olympus Digital Voice Recorder- 2GB
Olympus Digital Voice Recorder- 2GB
Omron Digital Thermometer
One-Cup Measuring Cup
Optic Aid Spring Clip - 2 Diopter
Optivisor Optical Glass Binocular Magnifier - 2 Diopter 1.5X
Optivisor Optical Glass Binocular Magnifier - 3 Diopter 1.75X
Optivisor Optical Glass Binocular Magnifier - 7 Diopter 2.75X
OttLite Vision Saver 13 Watt Desk Pro Light
Oven Mitt - 13 inches- Tan
Overdoor Exercise Pulley
Pain-Free Arthritis by Harris H. McIlwain, M.D.
PaperMate Liquid Expresso Pen - Black-X-Fine Point
Pathlighter Cane - Lighted Safety Cane
PenFriend Labels- Pack F
Personal Alarm and Flashlight
Personal Alarm and Flashlight Alarm Cartridge Refill
PhoneMax Amplified Telephone
Pill Cutter with Magnifier
Plastic Laminate 9 X 12 inch -3 sheets
Plastic Playing Card Holders 10 inches Long
Pocket Braille Block Learning Device for Bigger Words
Pocket Braille Block Learning Device for Small Words
Pocket Braille Cube Learning Device
Pocket Braille Learning Device
Pocket Large Print Address Book
Pocketalker Ultra with Earbud and Headphones
Portable - Travel Bath Safety Grip Handle with suction installation
Portable 12-Band FM-Shortwave-TV Sound World Radio
Posture-Rite Lap Desk
POURfect Braille and Tactile Measuring Cups- Imperial Black
POURfect Braille and Tactile Measuring Cups- White
Prodigy Count-a-dose for the Low Vision Diabetic
Prop It Bookrest, Copyholder, and Digital Device Stand
Prop-It Tabletop Easel
Push and Pull Stick
Raised Line Writing Paper
RCA Voice Activated Talking Clock Radio- English
Reading Magnifier w-Clamp and Desktop Base - 2x-3x
Rechargeable Super Bright 7.25-inch Flashlight
Rehab Reachers - 26 inches, Fixed
Reizen 4x Round Magnifier
Reizen 5x Round Magnifier
Reizen 6x Round Magnifier
Reizen 7-Day Push Button Pill Organizer- Braille
Reizen 8-Digit Talking Calculator with Alarm
Reizen Auto Calendar Clock
Reizen Bi Lingual Talking Blood Pressure Monitor Kit -Choose English - Spanish Read out
Reizen Big Button Speaker Phone - Wht-Blk -Refurbished
Reizen Black Leather Wrap Around Watch Band-Ladies
Reizen Black Nylon Lanyard - 38 inch Long
Reizen Black Vinyl Label Tape - Three Rolls .50 x 144 inches
Reizen Braille Jumbo Print Playing Cards- 2-Pack
Reizen Braille Phase 10 Card Game for the Blind and Low Vision
REIZEN Braille Womens Watch -Chrome, Leather Band
Reizen Clear Vinyl Tape, 3 Rolls - 1-2 inch X 144 inches each
Reizen Combined Arithmetic and Abacus Frame
Reizen Compu-Mag - Magnifier for 19-inch Flat Screen Monitor
Reizen Digital Analog Water-Resistant Talking Watch- Blue and Red
Reizen Folding Pocket Magnifier - 4x Plus 4x Plus 4 - 36mm
Reizen II Talking Bathroom Scale for Low Vision - Silver
Reizen Illuminated Pocket Magnifier - 4X with 1.25-inch Round Lens
Reizen Illuminated Pocket Magnifier - 6X 1 in. Dia. Lens
Reizen Jumbo Super Loud Alarm Clock with 2-Inch Red LED
Reizen LCD Talking Alarm Clock- Designer Style
Reizen LCD Talking Alarm Clock- Rectangular
Reizen LCD Talking Alarm Clock- Travel Style
REIZEN LED Stand Magnifier - 5x
REIZEN LED Stand Magnifier - 7X
Reizen Low Vision Pen
Reizen Low Vision Quartz Wall Clock -Black Face with White Numbers
Reizen Magnetic Labeling Tape -.50 inches x 96 inches WITHOUT adhesive backing
Reizen Magnetic Labeling Tape -.75 inches x 197 inches
Reizen Maxi-Brite LED Handheld Magnifier - 14X
Reizen Maxi-Brite LED Handheld Magnifier - 8X
REIZEN Mens Braille Watch -Chrome, Exp. Band
Reizen Motorized Braille Learning Clock
REIZEN Non-Illuminated Folding Loupe-Pocket Magnifier
Reizen RE-50 -50dB Amplified Telephone
Reizen Readbrights LED Readers- Black +3.00
Reizen Shake-U-Up Vibrating Compact Travel Alarm Clock
Reizen Tactile Arithmetic and Algebra Frame
Reizen Talking Atomic Watch- Blk Face-Chips-Leath
Reizen Talking Clock with Calendar and Alarm
Reizen Talking LCD Alarm Cube Clock - Silver and Black
Reizen Transparent Vinyl Labeling Tape -9 rolls plus 1 free
Reizen Unisex Glow-in-the-Dark Watch - Square Face with Expansion Band
Reizen Water-Resistant Talking LCD Watch- Super
Reizen Weekly Pill Organizer
Reusable Therma Kool Hot-Cold Compress - 4 x 9 in.
Rigid Cane with Crook Handle - 54 inches
Ring Writer Clip
Ring-Pen - Anti Fatigue Writing Pen - Great for Arthritics- Black
Rocker Knife
Round Bingo Markers - 26 Per Bag
Round Magnifier - 4 inches Lens Size
Round Metal 4-Alarm English Talking Watch
Royal Braille Low Vision All-Plastic Playing Cards
Saddle-Shaped Stylus
Safety Food Turner
Safety Stylus
SBC Talking Caller ID Announcer - White
Schweizer OKolux LED Magnifier - 3x - 8D - 100 x 75mm
Scrabble Slam- Modified Braille Card Game
Self-Threading - No. 90 Needles for Heavyweight Fabric
Sensa Level Indicator MK III
Sentina Smart Rechargeable 4-Way LED Light
Sheet Magnifier - 2x - 8-1-2 x 11 inches
Shoehorn - 23 inches
Shut The Box Braille Game
Signature Guide - Spring Metal with string
Signature Guide - Yellow Plastic
Simplicity Universal TV Remote- Motorola
Slicing Carving Aid
Slip-On Handle
Smart Peeler
Spectra Shields - 10 Percent Medium Amber - Non-Fit
Spectra Shields - 32 Percent Men Grey - Non-Fit
Splatter Guard
Spreading Spatula
Square Pocket Magnifier
Squeezit Tube Squeezer
Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon Set- 4 pcs.
Stainless Steel Shoehorn
Standard Stylus
Stationery Writing Guide
Steady Write - Black Ink
Stove Knob Turner
Stringy Thing - Girl
Suction Cup Mirror
Suction Cup Mirror with 7x Magnification
Super Bright 20 LED Pivot Lantern
Super Chop - Kitchen Tool and Cutting Aid
Super Jar Opener
Swivel Utensils - Swivel Spoon
Sylvania Halogen Light Bulb - 2 Pak
Tactile Dice- Set-2
Tactile Dots Set of 12- Clear, Self-Adhesive Dots
Tactile Short Ring Low Vision Timer With Stand - White Dial
Tactile Tic-Tac-Toe Game
Tactiled Mechanical Round Kitchen Timer
Talking Alarm Clock and Temperature
Talking Bathroom Scale 440 lbs with clock
Talking Bible- King James Version - New and Old Testament- English
Talking Body Fat Scale and Monitor for the Visually Impaired
Talking Calculator and Clock
Talking Calculator with Alarm Clock and Music
Talking Caller ID Phone
Talking Cooking Thermometer
Talking Cube Clock
Talking Digital Cooking Thermometer
Talking Digital Memo Recorder
Talking Indoor-Outdoor Thermometer
Talking Key-Chain
Talking Kitchen Scale
Talking Labels
Talking Multi-Function LCD Clock with Temperature, Time, Date Display
Talking Pedometer
Talking Phone with Caller I.D.
Talking Projection Clock with Backlit LED
Talking Tel-Time Classic w-Stainless Steel Band
Talking Thermometer
Talking Time and Temperature Clock with Easy Tap TALKING-SNOOZE Button
Talking Watch- Digital- Atomic with Black-Grey Band
Talking Watch- Ladies- 2 Voices- Bi-Color- Expansion Band
Talking Watch-Tel-Time-Ladies-Pendant-Gold-Tone
Teachable Touchables - Textured Squares
Tel-Time 2000 Talking - Chrome Watch - Unisex
Tel-Time Ladies Chrome Talking Watch - White Face, Expansion Band
Tel-Time Low Vision Talking Chrome Pocket Watch
Tel-Time Talking Pendant Ladies Watch - Gold-Tone with Chain - 4 Button
Tel-Time VII Spanish Talking Watch
Telephone Stickers - White on Black - Alphanumeric
Terry Oven Mitt - One, 17 inches
Terry Oven Mitt - One, 24 inches
The Arthwriter
The E-Z Writing Guide
The Easi-Reader Bookstand
The Giant Print Calendar - 2010
The Guide One
The Lettuce Knife
The Natural Choice - Easy to See - Big and Bold Thermometer
The Seven Day Color Pill Box
The Talking Book Marker -TBM
The Touch - Tactile Game
The Wilson Digital Voice Recorder - Version 8
Thumbs-Up Arthritis Cup with Lid
Tilting Bottle Rest
Timex Weekly Medication System With Talking, Visual or Beeping Reminder
Tomato or Vegetable Slicer
Touch Base Digital Voice Message Recorder
Touch-Dots - Green
Travel Mate V-DV Cassette Recorder and Player
Travel Shaker
TV Screen Enlarger for 16-20 inch TV
Typoscope -3-1-2 x 5 inches 25 Regular Black Plastic
Ultima Low Vision Watch - Black Dial - White Numbers - Leather-Unisex
Ultima Low Vision Watch - White Dial - Leather Band
Ultima Low Vision Watch- White Dial- Unisex
Ultima Mature Low Vision Unisex Watch- Expan. Band
Unisex Tel-Time Gold-Tone-Colored Talking Watch with White Dial-Expansion Band
Universal ZoomCaps - Black Characters White Background - IBM-Apple-MAC
Universal ZoomCaps-White Characters on Black Background-IBM-Apple-Mac
Vegetable Peeler
Verilux Travel Lamp Natural Spectrum Rechargeable Task Lamp with 11 Bright LED Bulbs
Vibralite 2 -with Plain Band
VOXCOM III 50 Voice Labeling System with 50 Cards
Walker Tray
Wall Plate-Plug Ejector
WCIB 6 Section Folding Cane - 50 inches
WCIB Heavy-Duty Folding Cane - 50 inches
WCIB Heavy-Duty Folding Cane - 54 inches
WCIB Heavy-Duty Folding Cane - 60 inches
Whac-A-Mole Talking Game with Lights and Sound
Womens Low Vision Watch- Black Face w-Exp Band
Wooden Tiered Card Holder
Writing Guide Set
Yellow Tinted Plastic Reading Sheet
Zadro Double Magnification Vanity Suction Cup Gooseneck Mirror
Zipper Pulls B
Zoom Pocket Magnifier- 8 different powers - 5X-12X

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